About Us

FamilyGo was founded in the spirit of adventure, learning and family connectivity. Once I became a parent, I wasn’t willing to throw in the towel on travel just because I had young children. I wanted to create opportunities to show them the world and have diversity experiences as a family. Having spent over a decade in global business I had the opportunity to travel all over the globe learning different languages and about different cultures. Travel has contributed such a richness to my life and has shaped who I have become. I wanted this for my children as well. I want this for all of our children! So I founded FamilyGo with the goal of making international travel more accessible to families. Without the headache of planning and managing every detail you get to play, relax and experience the good times right along side your children. We hope that you will join us on an upcoming family adventure, I promise you will make memories to last a lifetime.
xoxo Rebecca

Why Choose Us


Book a FamilyGo approved trip exclusively for you and your loved ones. We have curated our top itineraries to select family-friendly destinations and now offer small group bookings [3-8 people].


Stressless Travel

From the planning to the entertaining, traveling with kids can be a lot! Let us handle the hard stuff. Our tours are thoughtfully crafted to take the load off of you parents, and with our kids-only breakout sessions and parents time off, you can really sink into that no-guilt vacation you have been dreaming about.

Handpicked Destinations

All of our hotels and tour experiences are handpicked by our experienced world traveling staff. If we haven't tried it, we won't book it. Our guides have intimate knowledge of the destination and love sharing their insiders view on local life.


Explore the globe with like-minded families! Family Go will handle all of the details while you meet new friends and make lasting memories with your new travel tribe. [4-6 families or 25 people max]


Our Team

Rebecca Bernard
Chief Culture Officer

I am a multicultural global citizen from my core. My mother was raised on a farm in Kansas, USA and my father was born on the Caribbean coast of Limon, Costa Rica. I too was born in Costa Rica and speak Spanish fluently, French and Italian conversationally. I hold a B.A. degree from UCLA in World Arts & Cultures and a Master's degree in Communication Management from USC. I am the co-founder and Enrichment Director of my own school, World City Center, which offers dual-language preschool and after school enrichment to children in my Los Angeles community. I have honed my teaching ability over twenty years and believe in engaged hands-on learning--nothing is better than travel for this. I am not your run-of-the-mill group tour type of traveler, so you won't ever get that from FamilyGo. Each tour is handcrafted by me and my in-country travel experts to engage and entertain in a way that you won't find in an off the shelf package tour. It is truly a niche educational experience that also happens to be relaxing and adventurous and fun.

Sharon Bernard
Director of Educational Programing

Grandma Sharon is the best! Hailing a 30 year career as a teacher, school counselor and University professor, Sharon brings a rich perspective on age appropriate learning to the tour. She is fluent in Spanish and serves as an educational advisor and tour lead for our bilingual programs at FamilyGo. As our wisdom ambassador, Sharon acts as the liaison for other grandparents that might traveling with their children and grandchildren on tour. She ensures that they make time to slip away and enjoy some leisure time without kiddos big and small. She is also is a reliable source for sussing out the best local shops and deals, so stick with her when you are in town! Sharon can often be seen corralling children on to the next activity, or strumming her guitar during our bilingual sing-a-longs in the back of the bus.

Who says we can’t travel big just because we have children.

Family. Travel. Adventure. Fun.

What Customers Say

  • "Traveling abroad is my passion and I try to pass on this on to my daughter. I've always been a backpacker and have traveled extensively throughout South America, South East Asia, Europe and Africa. However, when we decided to travel to Costa Rica as a family with our seven year old daughter we wanted a unique experience for her and for us. I have never traveled on a group tour but when FamilyGo Global presented us with the itinerary I was sold. I wanted a relaxed but exciting experience for our family but I didn't want to have to work so hard to put it together myself. Rebecca and FamilyGo offered us one of the most unique, amazing, and exciting Costa Rican experiences out there. Being in a group with other children that my daughter could have fun with was a huge plus. We helped each other with our kids and had a great group to socialize with during activities. The visits to various locations in Costa Rica where perfect and enough to leave us satisfied but wanting to come back for more. Rebecca was very thoughtful with planning kid-friendly activities and also honored our desire to spend time together alone as a couple. We felt comfortable having our daughter join her children group activities while we enjoyed a date night alone. Throughout the trip the children were engaged in various hands-on activities while also being immersed in the language. My daughter felt so comfortable speaking Spanish with other children in the group, ordering her own meals and even shopping around town. This was a rich Spanish language experience we could never offer her at home. The tour was a great way to see this beautiful country and get a rich cultural exposure for both adults and children. We look forward to going back to Costa Rica and will only do it with the best tour operator I know, FamilyGo Global." Yessie and Antonio H.
  • "Our adventures with Rebecca have been unforgettable, life-altering and amazing! When we traveled to Costa Rica, we were comforted to be with someone who knew the language and land. Our children made friends with other children and created lifelong bonds. We all became one extended family as we traveled and explored with the other families.  So much love and trust was established that we would LITERALLY follow Rebecca to the ends of the Earth!" Mika and Sean W.
  • "If you are considering a family trip to Costa Rica, look no further than this. You will sample many of the diverse regions of the country in a unique and personal way, with the best tour guide imaginable! We went as a family - my husband, 7 year old son, and me - and we weren't sure what to expect, having never given over the planning of a vacation to anyone else. We don't consider ourselves "tour" people; when we travel we want to immerse ourselves in the local culture and have an authentic experience. Rebecca's tour provided exactly that, with the assurance that you're traveling with someone who knows and loves the country deeply. There were well-planned activities to suit everyone, in addition to relaxation time and time to be together just as a family. We all got along as a group very well, and the kids became instant best pals. They encouraged each other to try new things, and the best part is that my son seemed to lose his inhibitions about speaking Spanish and continues to use it when we're out and about today!

    In Rebecca you have a guide who not only knows Costa Rica intimately and loves travel in general, you have someone who works with children on a daily basis, meets them where they are, and creates an atmosphere of respect, fun, and caring that sets the tone for the entire trip. I can't imagine a more authentic way to experience Costa Rica than with FamilyGo. Not only do they know all the best places to visit, or stop for food, culture, and souvenirs, but Rebecca's enthusiasm and relaxed spirit is infectious. She is the embodiment of Pura Vida, and now I can't imagine ever visiting Costa Rica WITHOUT her!"

    Shira and Jeff O. 

    Shira O.